The Group

From left: Josh, Alice, Adam, michael, Gerald, Tom, Chris, Laura, Louis, Jade, georgie and shichun.
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PhD Students

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Louis Longley (

Louis studied Natural Sciences, specialising in Materials Science, at the University of Cambridge and started a PhD in October 2017.

Christopher Ashling (

Christopher worked on an MChem  project at Cardiff University with Dr Timothy Easun, and started a PhD here in October 2017, focused on MOF-liquids, gels and glasses. The project is in conjunction with CSIRO Melbourne.

Josh Tuffnell ( photo

Josh is a NanoDTC student currently in the first year of his PhD, having completed an MSci degree in Chemistry from UCL and more recently, a MRes in nanoscience and nanotechnology at the University of Cambridge. His current work involves looking at functionalising MOF glasses with a focus towards solid electrolytes in a joint project supervised by Dr. Thomas D. Bennett and Dr. Siân Dutton.

Alice Bumstead (

Alice comes from Linlithgow in Scotland. She graduated with an MChem degree from the University of St Andrews after working on MOF and sCOF based projects with Prof. Paul Wright and Prof. Chris Baddeley. She is now undertaking a PhD investigating liquid MOFs which is jointly funded by the Royal Society and the Cambridge Trust.

Adam Sapnik (

Adam completed an MChem project at the University of Oxford with Dr. Hamish Yeung and Prof. Andrew Goodwin. He has now started a PhD in 2018, in conjunction with Johnson Matthey, looking at the link between disorder and application in porous hybrid frameworks.

Michael Thorne ( Face

Michael is a Chemistry with Nanotechnology graduate from the University of Liverpool. During this time he worked with Dr. Anna Slater focusing on porous organic cages, and microfluidics. He started his PhD here in October 2018, researching new approaches to form MOF glasses.

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Bikash Shaw (

BikashBikash_Photo.jpg joined the group as a Royal Society Newton International Fellow (until April 2021). In his PhD thesis at IACS India (June 2016), he explored the role of supramolecular interactions in Charge-transfer Inorganic complexes and MOFs to develop Ferromagnetic as well as Multiferroic properties. After that, he has worked as a Post-doctoral Research Associate at University of Stuttgart Germany (November 2016), IISER Kolkata India (April 2018) and Lehigh University USA (March 2019). Currently, he is dealing with Magneto-transport and Spin-electronic properties in Solid/Liquid MOF’s which possess low activation energies in milli-electron volts

Dr. Lauren McHugh (

Bennett_group_photo.pngLauren received her PhD in Chemistry from the University of St Andrews in 2019, where she worked within the research group of Professor Russell Morris FRS. Her project was conducted in collaboration with the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) and focused on developing MOFs and MOF-activated carbon composite materials for the purification of contaminated airstreams. Lauren joined the group as a Leverhulme Trust Postdoctoral Research Associate in January 2020 and her research will focus on the structural properties of amorphous metal-organic frameworks.

Visiting Researchers

Dr. María Laura Ríos Gómez (

Laura is a visiting researcher at the group. She did her PhD in Material Science at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, focused on post-synthetic modification of porous materials, with a research stay at the University of Oxford in the group of Professor Andrew Goodwin, working in structural determination of PBAs with correlated disorder. Her research will be oriented to the synthesis and structure determination of new hybrid materials with mixed ligands.


MSci / Part III Students

Georgie Robertson  (

Georgie is completing a Masters in Materials Science at the University of Cambridge. She is currently studying the properties of MOFs implanted into polymer matrices.



Undergraduate Students
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Sammy Shaker Tom Richards Charles Ghesquiere
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Niels Van Velthoven Hannah Palmer Pheobe Terelak
Aoife McCaul Juejun Xue

Post Doctoral Visitors

Dr. Aaron Thornton ( )

Chao Zhou (

Jingwei Hou
Dr. Jingwei Hou (


Mustafa Erkartal (







Dr. Shichun Li






Dr Qun Hui