The group is always on the lookout for dynamic, motivated individuals of exceptional ability who wish to work on the mechanical properties of crystalline hybrid materials, or want to explore the crossover between porous hybrids and the non-crystalline domain.

Particularly, we are always happy to support applications for fellowships – please get in touch with Tom ( if you want to discuss further.

PhD Studentships

Please send a cover letter and your CV to if you are interested in pursuing a PhD within the group. Speculative applications are welcomed, and advertised posts will also be shown in this section.

Post-Doctoral Research Positions

Details on various schemes you may apply for are given below.

  • College Research Fellowships (3-5 Years) become available from the end of August to January each year. Each college at Cambridge offers its own competition – details of which are usually found here.

Academic Visitors / Visiting Students

We are always happy to welcome visitors to the group. Periods of longer than two weeks require advance notice of approximately 3 months, due to administration requirements.

Part III MSci Projects

The group offers around 2 projects each year, details on which can be found through the department website. Interested students are encouraged to contact Tom to discuss the projects.